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GiftWrap is a one-item mod that adds some special gift-giving to your multiplayer server!
GiftWrap adds the "Wrapped Gift", which can be crafted by placing any item(s) in the middle of the Crafting Bench and surrounding it with 4 Paper, 2 String, and 2 Dyes (any color) to create a beautifully wrapped gift for your Minecraft birthday and holiday needs.
Wrapped Gifts keep the surprise safe until the lucky recipient right-clicks while holding it to reveal its contents!
They even come with a tag letting your friend know who their generous benefactor is.


Vanilla Crafting Recipe
Support for ANY Item


No New Blocks
1 New Item
NBT-Values are preserved while wrapped


Crafting Recipe

Old Versions

Minecraft 1.6

GiftWrap 1.0
GiftWrap 1.0.1