Tinkering Away

Redstone Lamps Plus


Customize your lighting!
Adds 47 new versions of the Redstone Lamp, allowing you to change its mode of operation and customize its colors to your exact needs!


Vanilla Items for Recipes
Color Customized Lighting in ALL 16 Colors
Lamps are completely interchangable, just add the new dye or redstone-related item of your choosing to any Redstone Lamp!

Modes of Operation

Normal: Redstone Lamps work in vanilla fashion. Apply a redstone signal to turn the Lamp ON.
Inverted: Redstone Lamps work opposite the vanilla functionality. Apply a redstone signal to turn the Lamp OFF.
Switchable: Redstone Lamps ignore redstone signal. Right-click on the Lamp to Toggle ON/OFF.


Any Redstone Lamp + Redstone Torch = Inverted Lamp
Any Redstone Lamp + Lever = Switchable Lamp
Any Redstone Lamp + Redstone Dust = Normal Lamp
Any Redstone Lamp + Any Dye = New Colored Lamp


6 New Blocks
No New Items
Standard Shapeless Crafting


Redstone Lamp Textures
Redstone Lamp Textures

Old Versions

Minecraft 1.6

RedstoneLampsPlus 1.0